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Farnborough International AirShow

July 16, 2006

I have a new (albeit temporary) job.

I’ve just spent part of the weekend learning to drive a buggy and finding my way around the Farnborough Air Show site. Tomorrow the proper work starts; ferrying people around between exhibition halls, catering or entertainment areas, hospitality chalets and offices. With the temperatures forecast to hit the low 30s (C) until at least Thursday, I expect they’ll be glad to get their feet off the hot tarmac and their heads under some shade – even if the ride comfort falls short of that in a car.

It’s mayhem there at the moment: fork-lift trucks, delivery lorries, builders, cleaners and caterers – hundreds of busy people in all sorts of coloured uniforms. Pallets, boxes, polythene, left-over flooring and all manner of stuff litters every one of the many ‘streets’ on the site. The refuse lorries are constantly busy.

We started off wearing suits and ties, like the company’s limo drivers but, at the end of today’s shift, the boss dished out t-shirts and caps. Boy, were we grateful.

I watched the A380 come in today, then take off and do some aerobatic manoeuvres. What amazed all of us was just how little runway it needed for both take-off and landing. Very impressive. Lots more to watch during the week, in between ‘taxi’ runs. Some pretty important people will be visiting but I doubt if any of them will be taking a buggy ride with me. I’ll take a camera, though, and post up anything interesting I manage to snap.

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  1. July 17, 2006 2:57 pm

    I loved going to airshows as well as a kid. I grew up in Michigan and we would travel around the state during the summer and make a point to hit at least one airshow.

    Not to lighten the mood, but I found some airshow footage of a Thunderbird accident where the pilot ejected just before crashing. Miraculously he survived with only minor injuries… The footage is in two perspectives, from the ground and a cockpit cam on the pilot. It’s quite amazing!

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