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Back to work

June 26, 2006

Seven weeks of exam marking are over. It was good to see the end of those piles of exam scripts. Just the pay and expense claims to fill in and then wait for the cheques to arrive, to go towards our next holiday.

Today, I was back at the car auction. It was cold, it peed down with rain, my feet hurt and I’m shattered. Physical work is clearly more tiring than the mental variety.

On the ‘up’ side, it was nice going back and having so many colleagues asking how I was and how the marking went. Those who are actually ‘into’ cars, as opposed to just being good at driving and parking them, were really interested in the tunnel-run, too.

There were a few new faces and a few missing ones, including one who died of a heart attack at work but, on the whole, nothing much had changed.

The rain has done the garden the world of good. We have a hose-pipe ban here and Sue & I were getting tired of lugging watering cans around most evenings.

A day off tomorrow to get some odd jobs done then there’s a big sale on Wednesday so I expect a long working day.

Retirement? I’m too busy to be retired.

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