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A diary entry

March 18, 2006

Today has been interesting so I thought I'd just blog what I did.

Early start as Ben was coming before 7:30 to collect my GTO to give it its brake upgrade.

Then down to Blackwater to the P.O. sorting office to collect a mystery parcel. Postie had dropped the usual red card through the letter box yesterday, when we were both out. I wasn't expecting anything. It turned out to be from my sister in Plymouth – she'd written her details on the outside, otherwise I would have opened it. Sue realised it must be a birthday present for next Wednesday and promptly nabbed it and hid it.

Next the not-so interesting part; fixing two curtain rails which have started to come loose from the wall and droop, letting the curtains drag on the floor. No suitable oversize screws so I resorted to the old trick of a third of a cocktail stick pushed into the rawlplug. Works a treat.

After lunch came Grand Prix of Malaysia qualifiying. I missed that part last week. It was really good.

Sue has got me doing some Yoga recently. I can't do some of the moves until my toe is fully healed and I'm still getting over my natural male discomfort at doing what is frequently seen as a female-only preserve but Sue says I'm doing really well and my muscles certainly feel exercised.

Lastly, there has been the rugby. Three matches which just got better and better. What a shame England lost that last match to Ireland but what a match! I'm out of breathe just from watching it and gasping and shouting at the screen!

Hopefully my GTO will be returned soon but I've drunk too much wine to take it out for a test run. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

[Edit] Ben brought the car back at 11:15. What a long day it must have been for them. After standing around in the cold, chatting for a few minutes, I decided I had to take Ben for a short run; a sprint up the nearby lane and hard braking at the end! Brilliant.

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