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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

November 24, 2005

There’s a french phrase for this, isn’t there? But I can’t remember it.

We had a meeting last week to be told that our boss was selling up. On the last day of work before Christmas we all had to hand in our work clothes (tie, jumper etc, if we had them) and a new owner would take over in the new year. However, our conditions of employment would be unchanged and everyone would be entitled to their job …. except any driver aged 70 or over.

Apparently the insurers for the Car Auction were worried about accidents and older drivers. On our site these were almost unheard of but, perhaps, at other sites there had been more than one. We had all heard about a driver somewhere in the country who had lost countrol of a vehicle and injured several punters. The age descrimination act does not come into law until next October at the earliest; so they can get away with this. It turns out nearly a third of our drivers will lose their jobs!

It has suddenly become very much busier the last two weeks. Instead of one or two days’ work a week, I’ve had at least four. Maybe it’s a normal seasonal variation. Whaever the reason, it’s why I’ve been so knackered in the evening I haven’t had the energy to put up a new blog entry.

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