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Religious (in)tolerance

November 6, 2005

Christmas lights = festive lights ???

B.C. = before something not named ‘Christ’ ???

Whatever next?

Despite my childhood, I’ve been a confirmed agnostic most of my life. i.e. I have no ‘religious’ belief myself but would defend the right of anyone to practice any belief they have.

I have visited many muslim countries. The first time I was woken at about 5 a.m. by the loudspeaker above a nearby mosque I was surprised and, in my drowsiness, a bit annoyed. But it’s their country and their religion. I’m a guest. The first time I visited the Middle East during Ramadan it was a bit of a culture shock. Now, not eating, drinking or smoking in public so as not to offend locals is just part and parcel of the trip.

So what’s the rant?

Britain is still a predominantly Christian country. We allow all faiths to worship and behave according to their own religion but why on earth do some officials believe we should hide or rename Christian artifacts to avoid offending non-Christians????? If all religions are to be treated equally (and equal to this sort of bizarre decision) then all outward signs of all religions would have to be banned.

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