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Bad drivers

November 3, 2005

I’ve always told anyone who cared to listen that good driving (i.e. survival on the roads) is partly about treating every other vehicle as if the person behind the wheel had a good chance of being pissed, distracted, a lousy judge of distance or just a ‘bad’ driver. God knows, I’ve seen enough examples in about 40 years of driving.

At the Car Auctions we’re supposed to be employed because we can jump into anything with 4 wheels and, with a few seconds to find the pedals etc, drive it safely. Today I had to leap out in front of one of my colleagues, hands up, yelling ‘stop’, to stop him from demolishing a gate post with the side of the van he was driving. He had taken a sharp left and I had noticed he hadn’t looked in his mirror. Bit of lost face and scraped paint but it could have been worse. More than £200 of damage and you’re out of a job.

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