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The travelling begins

November 2, 2005

25 years of marriage. Son at University – almost self-sufficient (apart from money, of course). Mortgage payments now relatively small. All we have to do is get Sue over her fear of flying.

Luckily, British Airways does a course for people just like her. We booked one at Heathrow; half a day of discussion and Q&A with pilots, psycologists and engineers; models and recordings of the various sounds a plane makes in its flight. Lunch then a short flight with the best staff BA can muster. 90% of the 150 on the course make it into the plane. No delays on the taxi-way, priority over everything. Back in 1998 they were all invited to visit the cockpit during the flight – though some stayed rigidly in their seats.

It wasn't an instant cure but it set the foundations for a gradual loss of all Sue's fears associated with height. Eight years later we've flown in all sizes of aircraft and had a balloon flight. Sue is now so laid back she spots and helps other worried passengers.

So, where have we been?

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