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In the beginning

November 2, 2005

One of the things Sue and I talked about when we first met was holidays. It turned out we both wanted to visit Tunisia (don’t know why). It was already August; 4 weeks left of my school holiday. After knowing each other less than a week, we went to the local travel agents. Tunisia was out but there was a really good deal on 2 weeks in Spain. We took that.

It was really hot. We got sunburned. We got upset stomachs. We went to a bullfight. We ridiculed the pandering to so-called British tastes.

In October we got engaged. On Christmas eve we were married. That was 32 years ago.

It was another 2 years before we finally got to visit Tunisia. It was even hotter than Spain. We got even more sunburned. And I discovered that Sue was scared of flying. She was even scared of aeroplanes. I already knew she didn’t like heights – open staircases, cliffs, tall buildings … you name it.

And so we spent the next 20 years holidaying by visiting relatives, visiting the seaside in the UK and travelling by car and ferry to various parts of Europe.

But Sue had always set her heart on visiting Egypt to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. Dilema! 

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