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First actual blog – day off

November 1, 2005

Day off?

Sue and I have been swimming every weekday morning (“Early Birds club” – very original name, eh?) for several years. For some reason, teenage lifeguards are finding it harder and harder to get up to start work at 6:30 a.m. Last year it was cut to 4 days a week and now, after months of turning up and having to go home again, it’s down to just 2 days a week.

Anyway, we both know it’s important to exercise so we went for half an hour’s walk instead. Breakfast, shave and shower. Check email, play a game or two of MahJongg (alright, I’m addicted to it) then a couple of hours pruning and tidying up in the garden.

Then some more decorating; mostly painting skirting boards. Lunch. More gardening in the all-too-rare sunshine, while the paint dries.

While web-browsing I come across news of something called ‘flock’ on the BBC news site. I spend the rest of the afternoon installing all the various bits and most of the evening writing this load of twaddle.

Work tomorrow. That may, or may not, be worth writing about.

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