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WordPress stats – sometimes wrong

January 29, 2014

I’ve seen this sort of error before but it still makes me smile.

Flatulent cows spark farm blast

January 28, 2014

Cows make the headlines for me again!

“Methane gas from 90 flatulent cows has exploded in a German farm shed, damaging the roof and injuring one of the animals, police said. One cow was treated for burns, a police spokesman added.”

Read the full story: here

Christmas in Paradise

January 1, 2014

Well, almost; a week at the Ngala Lodge in Gambia.


With weather typical of a fine summer’s day in the UK, terrific food and hospitality, what’s not to like? And only just over 5 hours from Gatwick to Banjul.

The pool was unheated but still just warm enough to swim in, as was the sea. Falling asleep to the sound of chirping insects and rolling surf is hard to beat.

Christmas Eve was our Ruby wedding anniversary and also the main celebration at the hotel, with a 7 course evening meal. Add a fair amount of alcohol and a good time was had by all into the small hours. There was good entertainment every night, too.

Tabou n friends

Christmas day itself was much more low key; back to sunbathing, reading and sudokus.

I could have taken many more pictures but there are now quite a few on Flickr, as always.

Kerry seemed to have been well cared for in kennels so now we’re ready to face the UK’s awful winter refreshed.

More falling cows !!

November 22, 2013

Following my post earlier this year (brazilian-man-killed-in-his-bed-by-falling-cow/), news has come to light of another incident which happened around the same time. This time it was in England and the good news was that no-one was hurt. The bad news was that it involved two cows falling through the same skylight after walking through some damaged fencing.

The house owner was in the next room and both cows narrowly missed serious injury and expensive damage to property by landing on her bench, instead of her weaving loom. The whole scenario was bad enough but “She looked up at the fence and saw the rest of the herd looking on.” would have had me running for cover.

Read the full story: here

Mercedes-Benz World (again)

November 10, 2013

Another Piston Heads Sunday Service. The weather was cold but dry and sunny – what a change from yesterday’s downpours!

PH had an allocation of 600 special parking spaces and I was number 835 when I signed up a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t until 08:40 this morning that I made it into the 600, as various members opted out for whatever reasons. At least that gave me time to have breakfast before leaving.

I managed a few snaps of some of the collection of really nice cars in our parking area and, of course, in the building before the camera’s batteries went flat. Had I remembered to bring spares? No.

I booked a passenger ride in one of the many fast cars they were using on the track – a new A45, as it turned out. £10 for 5 laps in 5 minutes but money well spent. Those guys have the best job in the world, I reckon. I’d do it for free, as I told my driver.



More on Flicker, as always.

It’s free to visit M-B World and well worth a visit.

Is big brother listening to you?

October 28, 2013

Are the world’s government agencies monitoring your phone calls?

Of course they are.

What is all the fuss about? Do you really think there are real people listening in, sniggering over your call to your lover, your excuses for not turning up to work or being late home from school? No way. Think about it. That would need a large proportion of the world’s population.

So what is happening? Well, as best I understand it (and neither the CIA or MI6 have confided details to me) computers using the best available voice recognition and decryption software check for certain words or phrases. Let’s guess at things like “explosion” or “attack”, for example. IF they detect such words the computers will analyse more of the message and, if appropriate, alert a human. I believe most western governments not only admit to this technique but also claim it has enabled them to detect and pre-empt the actions of criminals and terrorists.

What if such monitoring was banned? I would imagine said criminals and terrorists would take advantage and freely use electronic communication in planning their activities and  fewer such activities could be detected and prevented. Is that what you want?

Have you texted, emailed or said anything in a phone call which relates to criminal activity? No? Then why on earth should it worry you if these communications were automatically scanned?

OK, let’s not be too blasé. With power comes responsibility. Governments have always had the power for good or evil, to protect or attack the populace. (Think China, Syria today or most others over the centuries). This extra power is no different. Do you trust your government to do what it can to combat terrorism, drug crime, child trafficking etc and not use its powers to persecute minorities or individuals who disagree with official government policy?

Yes? Then let them use the tools to do that job well.

No? Why?

A few interesting headlines today

October 27, 2013

Sometimes the headline is more interesting than the story but see what you think.

Branston pickle lorry crashes near Cheddar

Plague of ‘killer spiders’ spreads across West Country

Vegetable artist crosses the Solent in giant pumpkin boat

Seven workers needed to change a light bulb

Man returns to burning house to save his beer

Why people have sex

Eat fat to get thin – scientist

When was the last time you had sex?

I’ll add some more as I find them.


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